Blessings for James W.F.E. Mooney

Grandparents: Infant Dedicatory Blessing

James’ Native American grandparents dedicated him to the medicine in a sacred sweat lodge.

This Is My Brother In The Medicine – Linda Stone

Long time friend and companion, Linda Stone, writes about her experiences with James.

Clifford Jake: Ceremony, Healing and Blessing

James attended a sacred Half Moon Ceremony, facilitated by Clifford ‘White Buffalo Man’ Jake

Huichole Elder (Mara’akame): Blessing

James was blessed by Guadalupe (Lupe) Rios de la Cruz, a Huichole  Elder (Mara’akame)


 Seminole Casuse Dedicatory: Blessing

James attended the sacred Seminole Green Corn Ceremony, and was blessed with a sacred prayer pipe (casuse.)

Leslie Fool Bull Rosebud N.A.C. of S.D. President – Take This Medicine To The White Man

James Mooney and Oklevueha Native American Church was blessed by Leslie Fool Bull, Lakota Sioux Medicine Man and President of the Rosebud Reservation Native American Church, with the specific mission of taking “the medicine” to the white man.

Richard ‘He Who Has The Foundation’ Swallow

Richard “He Who Has the Foundation” Swallow was a fierce proponent of Oklevueha Native American Church. As chief of the Standing Buffalo Clan, he believed that Native American spirituality could benefit all people, regardless of race. He wrote the above Affadavit in support of James Mooney and Oklevueha Native American Church.

Making A Stand with Anthony Davis

Roadman Anthony Davis speaks about sharing the medicine with all people.