Timpanogos Festival 2023

Timpanogos Festival 2023

Orem, UT

The Timpanogos Nation, under the leadership of Mary Meyers, held a festival in Orem, UT in September of 2023. Representatives of the Timpanogos Nation were present to give talks, dance, sing, and share their customs and traditions. James Mooney, who was appointed the nation’s Medicine Man at the 2022 Festival, opened the festival with a sacred pipe ceremony and prayer. He blew the eagle bone whistle to begin the proceedings.


About the Timpanogos Nation


In the words of Mary Meyer, Timpanogos Nation Chief Executive, “We are the living descendents of legendary Chiefs Walkara, Kanosh, Tabby, Arropeen, Washakie, Tintic, Sowiette, Sanpitch and others listed below, who extended their hospitality to Mormon leader Brigham Young and his followers. Many things within the State of Utah bear our name. Mount Timpanogos, and Timpanogos Cave are sacred to our Nation. A high school, hospital, LDS Temple, motorcycle shop, also bear our name “Timpanogos”, the list is long. We are an important part of Utah’s history, as the entire Wasatch echoes our name.

We reside on the Uinta Valley Reservation established in 1861 by President Abraham Lincoln. We Timpanogos are Shoshone people, however the pages of recent history mistakenly record the Timpanogos Indians as “Ute”. This terminology has caused us to be confused with the Confederated Ute’s of Colorado that were relocated to Utah pursuant to the Congressional Act of 1880.

The Timpanogos people are the indigenous people of Utah Territory. The term “Utah Indian”, does not mean Ute Indian. The trappers and pioneers that encountered the Indians inhabiting the territory now known as Utah identified the “Utah” Indians as either Snake or Shoshone. We have endured many things and yet we remain a strong people. Our ancestors walked close to the creator and lived in harmony with what he provided for us on this earth. They sacrificed their lives that we might live.

Because of the atrocities of the Black Hawk War our people faced our Elders have lived in fear and our voices have been silenced . Our ancestors were industrious people, caring for the lands, a people with prayer and love. We faced near annihilation and yet we remain strong. Not that we do not face difficult obstacles, but the blood of our ancestors runs through our veins, we today are still the same people, caring for the lands and people with prayer, and love.

As you walk through the pages of our life, our prayer is for you to see our heart. It beats alive and well deep within Mount Timpanogos cave, a constant reminder that the Timpanogos peoples are here. (Learn more about our Nation)

The time has come for the truth to be spoken. We are still here. We will not be brushed aside. We the Timpanogos people are the indigenous people of Utah, we are Shoshone. The blood of our ancestors cries out to us. They must be remembered for who they really were.”

The Timpanogos Nation appointed James Mooney to be their medicine man, and they have also come under Oklevueha Native American Church as Oklehueva Native American Church of Tempanogos Nation.