James Mooney Biography

James Warren “Flaming Eagle” Mooney 


James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney, Co-Founder of Oklevueha Native American Church maintains Elder Seminole Medicine Man Emeritus status. Now retired from active work in Oklevueha Native American Church, he is active in promoting the welfare of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, as well as defending and supporting all Indigenous cultures around the world. James is passionate about defending and supporting the Constitution of the United States.


James was taught the medicine ways by the Chief of his Seminole clan, Chief Little Dove, and other indigenous teachers. Chief Little Dove called him to the medicine in the 90s, and since then James has shared his medicine with people from all over the world. He has worked in the prison system where he developed a rehabilitation program that included various talking circles and ceremonies. He began building Oklevueha Native American Church, first in his community in Utah, and then expanding to many branches of the church throughout the United States, with some international branches.


Prior to coming to the medicine, James was a successful business consultant, working to facilitate the growth of major corporations across the country. After being called by Chief Little Dove, James retired from his business work, and dedicated himself to the medicine.


Now retired from active medicine work, James is nevertheless very involved in representing the Native American culture. He currently serves with the Sacred First Nations for Peace, because he believes so deeply in bringing all indigenous spirituality together, to learn from one another to increase peace and harmony on our Mother Earth.


James is committed to preserving the accurate history of the Native Americans, working hard to protect the civil liberties of all Native Americans, and to ensure that the Native American culture and spirituality is taught and maintained.


James is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. He and his wife, Linda Mooney, were recognized in 2022 as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification’s award for Utah’s Parents of the Year. Together they are the parents of 15 children.

James Mooney is the Co-Founder of Oklevueha Native American Church. He is now retired from Oklevueha, and is currently in the process of building Native American Church.