It was an honor to be requested by SUNITAY a representative of GURUDEV SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR ( to be in attendants of a VIP gathering (a little more than a dozen state of Utah business and Interfaith leaders) of the Sixth Sense SLC-UTAH gathering that seemed to have more than 1500 people in attendance.  It was also an honor to be the indigenous representative of the SACRED FIRST NATION FOR PEACE, as far as I am aware of is the only UNITED NATIONS REPRESENTATIVE OF THE WORLD’S INDIGENOUS CULTURES.
Two other unexpected honors that was given to me, was to have a photo op with Gurudev in which there were so many camera’s neither Gurdev or I knew which camera we were to be looking at.  The Second Honor that was bestowed upon me was an invitation, personally given to me by Gurudev, to attend, with him the WORLD CULTURE FESTIVAL 2023, to be held in Washington DC., September 29, 2023, at the National Mall (, as a representative of the Indigenous Cultures of the world.
This VIP event had two beautiful dancers exhibit their indigenous dance and a wonderful outlay of food.